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testimonial McDonalds April 2021
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I have been a proud patron of Tica's Coupon for eight months now, and am so glad i am! When Tica's Coupon first approached me, I, as a brand new business owner, was hesitant. I had done a newspaper ad, placed flyers throughout the community, and am on Facebook- this would be uncharted territory. But, i decided to take advantage of a totally new advertising method. Things did not happen immediately, but, Tica's had prepared me for the probable awareness time able - and he was correct. Slow, but sure, the coupon is being brought in from all over the area, and knowledge of Gifts & Thrift is growing. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and now, word of mouth by Tica's Coupon users is increased the rate of awareness noticeably! The consistency of knowing each month the coupon book will be there, and my ad in it, brings people back and helps in increasing the number of new people, who find us! Karen Farkas
Karen Farkas
Owner/manager 3003 Walnut Ave 31st Street Plaza altoona (814) 942-2016
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I am really pleased with the response i am receiving from Tica's coupons! I have had a lot of first time customers and gained plenty of repeat customers thanks to Tica's Coupons. Thanks!
The HoneyBaked Ham Company and Cafe
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Everything Natural Under The Sun Health food Store and Wellness Center is very pleased with the response we have seen from Tica's Coupons... and More. Since the first issue we have reconnected with formor customers and it has been an effective way of reaching out to new customers and to help them in there health journey as well. Tica's Coupon advertising has been a very affordable way to advertise in this tough economy Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.
Brenda Montrella
Owner of Everything under the Sun 3415 Plesant Vally Shopping center Altoona PA
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I am very, very pleased with the reponse from Tica's Coupons... and More. I've been to several businesses and have seen the coupon books sitting on their counters. There has been a noticeable increase in the foot trafic into my restaurant, and people are purchasing greater per order because of your coupons. I'm naming my next dog TICA!
Thank you, Chris McDonnell Owner
Wal-Mart Plaza Altoona, PA 16601 (814) 944-SUBS (7827)
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Tica's Coupons is probably the BEST and AFFORDABLE coupon booklet i have ever been advertised in. I have been at this location for 30 years. Tica's Coupons has given me the best results out of all the advertising i have ever done. Tica's have brought new faces into my business and has increased sales. I love it... by far the Best advertisement yet.
Steve Dinicola Owner
879 old Rt. 22 Duncansville PA. 16635
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Since we started advertising with Tica's Coupons. We have seen a marked increase in the number of coupons that are being redeemed especially by new clients. Tica's has given us a cost effective new "tool" to use in our advertising tool box.
Cathy Smithmyer
Smithmyer Plumbing and heating LLC Altoona, PA (814)-942-5750 Smithmyerplumbing.com
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Marie's 5th Avenue has been in operation for over 4 years. In these struggling times today's women hesitates taking time to pamper herself. By using Tica's Coupons my customers can now indulge guilt free and enjoy a true salon experience. I highly recommend Tica's Coupons to any business looking to increase their potential.
Marie Bundy Owner
Marie's Fifth Avenue 3523 5th Avenue, Altoona (814)-949-4048
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A few months ago i decided to advertise in Tica's Coupons. Although it has only been a short time, the reponse has been far from minimal. I have seen a substantial increase in foot trafic. I plan to continue advertising with Tica's and i will strongly recommend that others do the same. I feel guaranteed winner. Thanks to Tica and your staff i don't have to pay other high newspaper prices to advertise my business you're aweseome.
Sincerely, Randy Rohon Owner
110 Stadium Dr., Bellwood, PA 16617 (814)-822-2044
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Our experience with Tica's coupon book here at Roll's Meats has been exceptional. It has been a versatile advertising tool in inviting new customers into our store. It has also been very effective in keeping our loyal customers returning. WE have used it to promote our website - rollsmeats.com- and doubled the amount of new customers on out coupon emailing list. Tica's Coupon Book has been a great advertising investment!
Monica Lowry Roll's Meats Manager
101 E. 3rd Ave., Altoona (814)-942-2329
Wilts Pastry

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