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Karen, Gifts & Thrift Shop

Since we started advertising with Tica's Coupons, we have seen a marked increase in the number of coupons that are being redeemed, especially by new clients. Tica's has given us a cost effective new 'tool' to use in our advertising tool box.

Cathy, Smithmyer Plumbing and Heating, LLC

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Honey Baked Ham

Everything Natural Under The Sun Health food Store and Wellness Center is very pleased with the response we have seen from Tica's Coupons... and More.

Since the first issue we have reconnected with formor customers and it has been an effective way of reaching out to new customers and to help them in there health journey as well.

Tica's Coupon advertising has been a very affordable way to advertise in this tough economy Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.

Brenda, Everything Under The Sun