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We Care about our Customers

We have Professional, Dedicated, Honest sales reps who focus on each individual customer’s account, to make sure they have the BEST promotion for their business. We think of our customers like family!

Tica’s Coupons was established in 2006 in Alabama. We are a monthly publication, so your promotion will enjoy a longer shelf life. The coupon books provide a consistent service of discounts and savings from local merchants. Tica’s Coupons help Central PA’s businesses get their coupons to their customers and help consumers find deals on places they shop every day. With new installments every month, Tica’s Coupons is consistently bringing you savings. Tica has two contests, “Find Tica” and “Tica’s Recipe Contest,” offering gift cards for the winners. “Find Tica” is a contest to encourage customers to find our cow logo hidden in one of our advertisers’ ads in our coupon books. “Tica’s Recipe Contest” enables customers to send their recipes to participate in our monthly recipe contest. For the holidays, Tica has contests that give away turkeys for Thanksgiving and hams for Christmas and Easter.

Timm, Marianela & Our Pup Kefir

Timm and Mari photo
Kefir photo

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